Tips and Resources for Renters

Finding a Place to Live
General information on figuring out which place is best for you. What to look for, how much you can afford, and more.

Filling out a Rental Application
What is a Rental Application? Do you need to fill out all of the information requested? Helpful info on the topic of rental applications.

Signing a Lease or Rental Agreement
The steps you should take before and after signing a rental agreement.

Moving into Your New Unit
General information on the first day of your rental term. Information on inspections, the condition of the unit and more.

Common Rental Terms
A list of common terms and definitions you might encounter when renting. Answer to questions like: What is a credit report? What is Renter's Insurance?

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0 Bedroom / 1 Bath : $687/month
1 Bedroom / 1 Bath : $745/month
2 Bedroom / 1 Bath : $815/month
3 Bedroom / 2 Bath : $1,133/month
3 Bedroom / 2 Bath : $1,250/month